Totoro @ Hayao Miyazaki

For those who loved Hayao Miyazaki (宫崎骏), the world famous Japanese animation creator, must have heard of Totoro (龙猫) before. Long long time ago, when I was still a student, the very first animation I watched from Miyazaki, is this Totoro. And ever since then, I'm obsessed with the big strong dumb Totoro. Hahaha.. He is just so adorable, don't you think so?

I remember i watched both Cantonese and Japanese version of the animation. And, I love the way the two little Totoro walking while hmm-ing some voice. The blue Totoro will sounds: Chi-Chi-Cha, where the tiny white Totoro will sounds: Boom-Boom-Ba. Oh the big grey Totor doesn't sounds much though. Try to imagine, when they are walking in a line, the blue Totoro follow by the white Totoro, and their sounds one and other non-stop. Isn't so funy and cute?

So, after I get out and work, one day I met him again, in a shop that selling DVD. Immediately, I bought him back, together with another that time very famous animation, (千与千寻) . Then, another day, I met him again in another shop. But this time, he is so so so adorable, and like looking deep into my eyes, ask me to bring him home. This is a big plush doll, a very big grey Totoro! I remember that time was there with a friend, but i forgot the purpose we went there, probably for a movie or something. And, she is the driver. I also remember, the moment I paid for him, walk ahead the car and squeeze him into the little satria, I was sooo happy. Hahaa.. This, is the first every toy that I bought for myself, and it's a huge 1.

Now, Totoro has grow older and older. His fur color has dripped, and he looks so pale now. There was one time, HE said wants to throw him away, for he is so dirty and no place for him. Well, of-course I won't allowed that. I just cleaned him up and packed him in a big bag, and stuck him in a big box. Hopefully one day, he would be able to come out and see the sun again.

Hm.. Why would I talk about Totoro today? Well, I just had a Quiz test in Facebook yesterday, about what character am I in all Miyazaki animation. And the result surprised me, it's my very favourite Totoro! Hahaha..

This looks similar to the one that I bought last time, but mine was more cute!

The real Totoro, named Chinchilla. They are just so cute aren't they?

p.s: All the photos are taken from the Internet.

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