[无所事事 ]

Finally I'm back to work today, and just for today. Actually don't really know why I'm going to work, got nothing to do here..

Been chit-chatting with friends the whole day, been surfing the net whole day.. Hehe.. Later going to a colleague's house "bai nian".. Hehe.. Want to get ANGPOW!!

Planned to leave at 1730 sharp. And now already 1700. Hehe.. Can't wait can't wait!!

Mars and Venus

[ 幸福双人床 ]

Been watching this Singapore Mediacorp series form ASTRO AEC channel, from Monday to Friday at 7pm. The series talks about the relationship of man and women, and their different ways of thinking. For more details, please read 幸福雙人床.

I like the quotes displaying in the show. Here I share some to you all..

男人最爱面子, 当街吵架最没脸.
Do not have an open arguments with man in public, they wanted face so much that they find it very ashamed to do so.
男人一怕性无能, 二怕事业无能.
Man scared of failure in sex most, failure in career second.
男人娶自己喜欢的女人, 只为了不让别的男人碰自己最想碰的女人.
Man married the woman they loved, to prevent another man to touch the woman he wanted to touch most.
Woman loves sweet talks all the times.
A gentlemen can always easily touched a women's heart.