To be continued..

After seeing what fox did at his new home in blogspot, it reminds me of my old abandoned blogspot. My oh my, it's been like almost a year plus since I last updated? What I've been busy about these days?

Hm.. Guess ever after I'm back from the incredible India, I was just busy like in hell. Busy picking my new life in the lovely homeland, busy picking up the days having fun with my Baby, busy picking up the projects in KL, etc etc etc..

Well, whatever it is, I'm going to pick up this site again. As what been told by fox, money not enough, must think of a way trying to earn more. Yeah, I am so $$$$$$$ minded.. Wahahaa....

So, the very first thing when I'm back, is to change the clothes for this blog. Expect more when I gets to update later. Btw, what do you think about this piece of clothes?