The last few hours in New Delhi Airport

[ 在新德里机场的最后几个小时 ]

It was terribly boring while we were waiting to get aboard in the New Delhi Airport the other day. We have been told that the service in the airport is "incredible" too, so it's better that we make our move earlier, just to make sure there isn't any accident that we couldn't get up on the plane.

First of all, we have to have our luggages scanned.
There are quite a number of scanner around the airport, you can just get any of those scanner to scan your luggage. After your luggage been scanned, the staff will stripped your luggage, and put a sticker on it, to proved this has been scanned. If you want, you can have your luggage wrapped with plastic too.

Secondly, we have to check in.
After the luggages been scanned, we have to bring them to check in, at the MAS counter. And, to our unfortunate, the counter isn't open yet, not till 0900am. So, we just queue in front of the counter and wait for them. Well, the lucky is we are the first customer of the day~

There are total of 7 of us, with total of 10 luggages to be checked in. Boon saw them throw our luggages on the weight, he even saw his bag got sparks! I quickly told them to handle our luggages with care, but well, expectedly, they just take it as nothing. Urgh...

Thirdly, to check out.
Done with checked-in, we got the boarding pass with us. Heading to look for my brunch! Hm well, due to the last minute packing this morning, I haven't got any food in my stomach.. hungry.. KL said there is Subway in there, so there we go to Subway.

Hm, well, apparently the price here is much more expensive than what we can get out of the airport. A 6 inches long sanwitches cost RS150(Rm15), where out there, we can get with RS99(RM9). But, just got no choice.. Have to pay anyhow, otherwise have to starve for 2 more hours to get on board. Hm, anyway, the food isn't any better in the flight..

Lastly, to get in the waiting area.
After the food, time to queue for another round of scanning. This time, is to scan our body, and all our hand-carries. Gents and Ladies are to be separated, where gents are at the left, ladies are at the right. After all the scanning, the officer finally put their precious chop on the boarding pass, to indicate that we are clean enough to get on flight.

There is a little story here.. JT asked Ashid to help her take in the hand luggage for her, she is all over carried. Unfortunately, she forgot that she has a small little handy knife in her pencil case. There goes the problem, the officer scanned and found about the little knife. They requested the luggage to be opened so they could look for it. To no avail, they have to let Ashid leave. Hm.. Although we managed to pass this, but then come to think of it, how can they let someone wih dangerous tool get on board?

Hm, another thing to tell is that.. hm.. actually I got one scissors in my pencil case too. Luckily they didn't manage to scanned it out.. :p

People mountain people sea.. Do you see the queue? OMG, where is the end of the queue??

These are the filtered water the airport prepared. Hm.. frankly, I wouldn't have the guts to drink it!! My goodness.. It's just look like those criminal covering with black clothes, waiting to get on the 'stage'..

This is one of the famous Chinese express stall in the India, Yo! China. They sell Chinese Dim Sum. And, JT couldn't stand the seduction, she went to bought 1 plate of the "Xiu Mai". Hahaha...

Here goes the "xiu mai".. Hm.. It's doesn't taste good at all. The skin was too thick, and the inner was so bad..

Char Shao Bao

[ 叉烧包 ]

May I present to you, my beloved "Char Shao Bao".

Been so obsessed to Char Shao Bao my whole life, especially the one made my mother. Too bad, not going to have another one of them now. Hm..

Well, now that I'm back in Malaysia, of course, Char Shao Bao is a MUST-HAVE!

This one, bought from a road stall near to my house. The taste isn't as good as my mother's, but well, it's considered not bad at all.

I'm Back!

[ 阿晶回来咯 ]

Hello everyone!!

Haha.. Finally I'm back!! to my beloved Malaysia, to my beloved KL!!!

Am really happy, and excited, and happy, and excited!!
I've made it!!

It was such a bitch to wait for that long hours, from India Airport, till I put my foot on Malaysia's land.

Say, how good it will be if the Doraemon's wonder door does exist? I can go anywhere, anytime, to meet just anybody at all! It's much more efficient than the well known Harry Potter's tran-port. Well, at least I don't have to suffer the process of transfering?!

Anyway, am really happy that I'm back! +D