It's 2154 now. And I'm still working in the office.

Works hasn't been done, got nothing to show on Monday. What should I do? How??

I really don't want to come back and work during weekend.

Weekend, is the only days I can sleep late till 12pm.
Weekend, is the only days I can sneak around and do nothing.
Weekend, is the only days I can shout out loud "DO NOT COME AND DISTURB ME!!"

Sigh.. "sien"

Coolness of Man

Am furious. Something really angry happened just now when I was on my way to take the lift to office.

When I'm about to reach the lift waiting area, saw a lift just opened the door, and people getting in. So I speed up my steps to the lift. When I reached, at the door, the door is closing. I can hear someone inside said, "Oops..", but the door still closed up. Nobody willing to help me press on the god damn button to hold the door or whatever. The door just closed, while I standing right in front of the door.

Does it has to be this way? I mean, it just a very simple action to move your hand press on the button to hold the lift. It won't eats up so much of your time? Or are all your hands crippled?

Although I can still wait and take another lift, but I am really disappointed. I already standing in front of the door, and the door haven't even close up to half. Is it so excessive to hold the lift for me?

What the heck. Where goes all the humanity passion? What has the world became??