My eye got infected

[ 灵魂之窗污染啦 ]
My eyes got infected. =(

Was feeling itchy the day before yesterday, like something stuck on the eye ball. Then, been scratching it with my hands, trying to remove the thing, but to it fail.

Yesterday morning when I wake up, my eyes turned red and swollen, and itchy still. Basically, half of my eye managed to open, the other half trying very hard to do the same. The next minute I know, get caught to the clinic.

Doctor said my beautiful eyes got infected, by virus. I was a little surprise and I even asked the doctor how come I don't see any bloodlines on my eye ball? And guess what the doctor answer.. "Its on the way.. " My goodness, the doctor actually have sense of humor huh?

Doctor said I have to stop eating chili, and anything hot and spicy. And, I can never use my hands to touch my eyes. And, always use a new piece of tissue paper to wrap out the extra eye-drops.

The eye-drops made me so awful, it taste really bitter.. Every time I felt it at my throat there, I will actually shiver. Gosh.. Let's pray for my infection get recovered A.S.A.P!!