Verbal Promises

[ 口头承诺 ]

A Promise, is an agreement between two parties.
An agreement that written down on paper, black and white, is a contract. The promisee must agreed to fulfill the requirements listed on the contract, and have his signature sign on the contract. Thus, whatever been listed on the said contract, is protected by the Law.

A Verbal Promise, is an agreement between two parties, said verbally.
To some extent, verbal promise is protected by the Law too. But to what extend, and the details of it, sorry I don't have the exact answer. That's what I learn from those TVB Series.

Anyway, what I want to say today, is this.

May be you just want to say it for fun, but someone might treat it seriously. He/She is hoping for the promise to fulfill, hoping the promise to come true. But what they are getting just an empty promises. Do you ever know how hurt can this be?

If the party to take it seriously, but you do not plan to make it, just SHUT UP. Nobody gonna say you are a mute. Those words that you say for fun, are nothing different from a LIE.

If the party doesn't take it seriously, that he/she just take it as a joke, then go ahead say whatever you wanted to say. You can say whatever at all, just everything at all. Nobody gonna gets hurt anyway. The one who listened is happy, the one who talk also happy. So everybody let's get happy together. Well, why not right?