What a mess..

[ 乱了乱了 ]

After the CNY, I found my time has been totally OUT!

Was thinking to get on bed earlier yesterday, since this morning I have an appointment. But then.. My eyes was so tired that its barely open. My mind was so awake that I couldn't sleep at all.

Lying bored on the bed, trying hard to get asleep. And it's getting worse.. Some more baby snoring loud at my side, gosh.. How am I going to sleep?

Went to get some water, then I saw daddy surfing net there. Daddy asked me, "What happened? Not able to sleep?" Then, he get offline and on a TVB movies for me. The , if I remember correctly, the one that ASTRO showing now? The show actually not too bad though..

But then half way, daddy off it. Hm.. =( Probably he knew I need to go for appointment today that I have to get some rest. So he took a DVD and bring me back to room, company me sleep there.

Well, as expected, not able to wake up this morning. If you ever saw my big swallen eyes, full of dark cycle.. You may think that I went to steel chicken what duck the night before..

Gosh, I have to go back to office tomorrow. Can I really able to sleep earlier to night? Can I really able to wake up tomorrow morning?