Pepper Lunch @ Pavillion

Saw this restaurant review before on other food blogger, and it looks kinda tempting. Went there for lunch yesterday for there is a free-of-charge-driver. Haha..

The restaurant is located at ground floor, Pavillion, just next to Food Republic.

it's at self-service concept, where u order at the counter
take a number plate with u, and wait for the waiter to bring in your food

on the table, are assorted sauces like these

there are set meals available, you can choose either 
A) main course + drink
B) main course + miso soup

Beef Set with egg, Rm14
juicy and very thin beef slices, tenderly soft
personally think this taste good, quite big portion too

Chicken Set with egg, RM14
the chicken looks dull, but the driver said it taste good

Unagi Set, Rm14.90
very few unagi, and very smal pieces too
unagi taste over-cooked, hm, probably leave it at the hot plate too long

there's actually something inside the corns and rice as you can see
stir mix the butter hidden under, and put on some black pepper

P/S: The restaurant named Pepper Lunch, probably due to the spice that they encourage the guests to add on the meal. Spice up the day ~

It's snowing~

My Chinese blog at Wordpress is snowing now. Haha.. This morning when I get the page loaded, I see many tiny little white dots flowing around the page. It's snowing! It should be the setting I applied since last year, that I didn't remove.

Like the feeling when the little white dots flowing from the top to bottom. It's just so Chritsmas!

Well, so there will be this small thing that you abandoned aside. And, you forgot about it. And, suddenly it pop out! You will have a feeling like, Wow, what a surprise!

Haha.. Feel so happy after it, certainly refreshing my day ~

Sushi Zanmai @ Lowyat Plaza

Sushi Zanmai has got its new outlet opened at Lowyat Plaza. Went for a try yesterday with fellow colleagues. Heard their food are really good at the Mid Valley branch, gets very high review though.

Bu then, it was disappointing. It does not taste as good as I expected. Also, the food looks more delicious in the pictures. Hm..

supposed to be my very favorite, but..
unagi is not fresh enough, tasted fishy
the kabayaki sauce also did not taste as it should be

Tendon - shrimp tempura
shrimps tends to be very soft, probably leaved for some times
feeling so oily after half of it though

Tendon - fried oyster
first bite of fried oyster, taste goo
after few bites, it gets very oily, probably the oyster not so fresh?

Agedashi Tofu
the best ever had at the night
but, will get oily if ate too muh

it could the vinegar used, that I don't like that taste
ginger slices are not crunchy

Soft-shell Crab Handroll
seaweed is really fresh, that it's so crispy
too much vege, and too less soft-shell crab

We were sitting at the one of the rolling-belt table, for we thought it should be easier and convenient for us to get the sushi on the plate. There seems like variety of sushi, and the way to make the sushi seems like very different from other sushi outlet too. One thing, their ingredients are really fresh! Worth a try still.

It's Chritsmas again!

picture from internet

Am listening to the wonderful christmas songs, feeling so happy that I can't help but to write down something.

It's been really fast this year, and it's Christmas at the corner. Can't remember how was it like the past Christmas, but it's alright. The important is how am I going to spend Christmas this year ~

Usually at this time period, you may find the shopping malls laying Christmas songs, one follow another trying to influence customers with all happy moments. Christmas decorations are also can be found at almost every corner. Walking at such environment really can make one's mood turned so happy and excited.

Tell you something. Actually the most Christmas goodies I like, is the big, and tall, and covered with  lots of lots of jinger-ling Christmas tree. ( I told myself before, when I have my own house, I must get my own Christmas tree and decorate nicely~)

Another good news for December, is that it's year end, people usually clear their annual leaves at this period. Also, it's school holiday! Oh ya, and the just passed Haji Holiday! Feeling so good when I drive to work this morning. The traffic is so smooth! Haha...

Well, it's my time to clear my AL just another 3 more weeks. It will be in between Christmas and New Year. Wahaha, it's gonna be one week long! Sooo happy when I think about it. But then, I think I'll be very busy then. Hm..

Anyway, let's together we enjoy the relaxing December ~

Restaurant Tangkak Beef Noodle @ Imbi

Wednesday is a movie day. Haha, so we went for movie again. But before that, we hopped in to this restaurant while on the way to BTS.

Restaurant Tangkak Beef Noodle, located at Jalan Imbi. The famous beef noodle imported all the way from Tangkak. Saw a review on this restaurant from newspaper, so we decided to give it a try.

picture from the Internet

a very big red bull at the counter
the bull, is their logo

the sauces to serve together with beef noodle

seriously, this chili sauces does not taste good at all
where, we requested another chili sauce, which taste much better than this on the table

Famous Tangkak Beef Noodle
the sirloin taste so soft, whereas the soup taste filthy rich
but then, frankly, I don't think it's anything special

pure beef noodle, without the sirloin

Beef Balls
the beef balls tasted not too bad, quite chewy

Restaurant Yu Ai @ Segambut

I usually have some sandwiches, or go canteen for lunch. The most I go nearby area with colleagues. Why? Well, because I don't like to walk under the hot sun, and back with all sweat. But today, my colleagues suggested we go for the very famous seafood noodle in Segambut. Wahaha, ofcourse I say YES!

picture from Internet

Curry Seafood Noodle, RM15
very rich ingredients, very fresh seafood
thick curry soup, rich of pandan

Tomyam Seafood Noodle, RM15
also very rich of seafood
rich tomyam taste, sourly sweet

Let me share you a joke here. I ordered Chrysanthemum Tea for drink the day. But I got really shocked when the drink is here. OMG, the cup is full with over half cup of  Chrysanthemum in it. We were wondering if the boss worry the guest didn't know that they actually make the Chrysanthemum Tea themselves. So they must put a lot of Chrysanthemum into the drink so the guests may see it. Hahaha...

So, I requested the boss to change one for me. And we even laugh at ourselves, next time, we have to order in this way, "A Chrysanthemum Tea without Chrysanthemum!" Hahaha.. Will I get kicked out from the shop then?

the Chrysanthemum Tea with Chrysanthemum 

the Chrysanthemum Tea without Chrysanthemum 

compare yourself the two cups!

Kopi Luwak

I was watching this show by Moses, a show that talk about coffee from all over the world. So he actually a fans of coffee too. He said, when he was study in Australia, he used to work in a coffee shop, making coffee for the customers.

So, the first episode of the show, is about Kopi Luwak, also known as civet coffee. Well, from the name of it, I guess you should know what it is. Yes, some shit  from Asian Palm Civet.

Civet eats the berries for their fleshy pulp. In its stomach, proteolytic enzymes seep into the beans, making shorter peptides and more free amino acids. Passing through a civet's intestines the beans are then defecated, keeping their shape. After gathering, thorough washing, sun drying, light roasting and brewing, these beans yield an aromatic coffee with much less bitterness, widely noted as the most expensive coffee in the world.

Referenced from Kopi Luwak
The Kopi Luwak costed 10 times more expensive than a Blue Mountain.But still, many would spend the sum to try its taste.

Well, if it were you, will you spend your money on this most expensive civet's shit in the world?

Homemade Breakfast @ 20091107

I have a friend who likes to make nutritious breakfast for her husband. Every time when I look at her menu, I just got the urge to get my hands on it too.Well, of course I hope he gets to eat my home made breakfast.

So, last Saturday, I got it came true. Well, there are ingredients in the fridge, and I woke up early too. So, why not? Haha..

homemade sandwiches + hot nescafe
but what do we have in the sandwiches?

fried sunny side egg

fried bacons

fried ham slices

fresh vege

fresh gardenia bread

1. Put on margarine on bread, then put on vege

2. Put on fried ham

3. Follow by fried egg

4. And fried bacons, and some chili sauce.

5. Last but not least, the hot nesface to freshen up the day

Million Dollar Bill - Whitney Houston

I used to like her song very much.Glad that she has got new album released!

~~ * ~~

Million Dollar Bill
- Whitney Houston
Oh oh oh yeah
Ooh oh ooh oh oh
Came in the door
Checked in my coat
And who I’m looking for
Is staring in my face
They played our song
We hit the floor
He held me strong
And we danced the night away
I can see the way that he is making me feel
This way about his love
I’ve been looking for something like this
I’m saying ooh oh oh oh ooh oh oh !
If he makes you feel like a million dollar bill
Say oh oh oh, say oh oh oh !
If you go left right up down
Gotya you spinning round and round
Say ooh oh oh oh, say ooh oh oh oh !
It’s been a long long time
Since I fell, fell
Love has found my way oh oh oh
I’ve been looking (looking)
I’ve been searching (searching)
For the man to touch this place, oh ooh oh yeah
Can’t deny the way that he is making me feel
This way about his love
I’v been searching for something like this
I’m saying oooh oh oh oh, say ooh oh oh oh !
If he makes you feel like a million dollar bill
Say oh oh oh, say oh oh oh !
Makes you go left right up down
Gotya you spinning round and round
Say oooh oh oh oh, say ooh oh oh oh !
If he makes you feel like a million dollar bill
Say oh oh oh, say oh oh oh !
Makes you go left right up down
Gotya you spinning round and round
Say oooh oh oh oh, say ooh oh oh oh !
If you feel good
If you’re feeling good
Put one hand in the air, say yeah
If you feel good
If you’re feeling good
It’s cause love is in the air
Love is in the air
If he makes you feel like a million dollar bill
Say oh oh oh, say oh oh oh !
Makes you go left right up down
Gotya you spinning round and round
Say ooh oh oh oh, say ooh oh oh oh !
If he makes you feel like a million dollar bill
Say oh oh oh, say oh oh oh !
Makes you go left right up down
Gotya you spinning round and round
Say ooh oh oh oh, say ooh oh oh oh !

Sanbanto Cafe @ SS2

Sanbanto Cafe, a restaurant which main dishes are pork, that located at SS2, same row as GTK. Haha, when I heard about pork available in the restaurant, I really can't wait to taste it out!

menu with a lot of cute little piggy

pork belly salad, RM13

crunchy deep fried pork meat, put on a lot of vege

last but not least, pour on some special made sweet and sour sauce

pork burger, RM17
served with a small pot of garden salad, and some fries

the burger, consists of pork steak, fried bacons, and cheese

my favorite latte, RM6.50
taste so-so
iced lemon tea, RM4

the cafe actually not big, about half sized of a shoplot

What you see on your left is where we eat, where on the right is the kitchen. I was sitting on the table behind this black-shirt lady. Did you see the black window on the right in the photo? Well, that's where they put the pork. I can see there a pig that only left half body..

lamp on the ceiling
like this very much!

the back wall of the cafe is posted with this fake grass wall
feel a little like garden style though