Restaurant Tangkak Beef Noodle @ Imbi

Wednesday is a movie day. Haha, so we went for movie again. But before that, we hopped in to this restaurant while on the way to BTS.

Restaurant Tangkak Beef Noodle, located at Jalan Imbi. The famous beef noodle imported all the way from Tangkak. Saw a review on this restaurant from newspaper, so we decided to give it a try.

picture from the Internet

a very big red bull at the counter
the bull, is their logo

the sauces to serve together with beef noodle

seriously, this chili sauces does not taste good at all
where, we requested another chili sauce, which taste much better than this on the table

Famous Tangkak Beef Noodle
the sirloin taste so soft, whereas the soup taste filthy rich
but then, frankly, I don't think it's anything special

pure beef noodle, without the sirloin

Beef Balls
the beef balls tasted not too bad, quite chewy