It's Chritsmas again!

picture from internet

Am listening to the wonderful christmas songs, feeling so happy that I can't help but to write down something.

It's been really fast this year, and it's Christmas at the corner. Can't remember how was it like the past Christmas, but it's alright. The important is how am I going to spend Christmas this year ~

Usually at this time period, you may find the shopping malls laying Christmas songs, one follow another trying to influence customers with all happy moments. Christmas decorations are also can be found at almost every corner. Walking at such environment really can make one's mood turned so happy and excited.

Tell you something. Actually the most Christmas goodies I like, is the big, and tall, and covered with  lots of lots of jinger-ling Christmas tree. ( I told myself before, when I have my own house, I must get my own Christmas tree and decorate nicely~)

Another good news for December, is that it's year end, people usually clear their annual leaves at this period. Also, it's school holiday! Oh ya, and the just passed Haji Holiday! Feeling so good when I drive to work this morning. The traffic is so smooth! Haha...

Well, it's my time to clear my AL just another 3 more weeks. It will be in between Christmas and New Year. Wahaha, it's gonna be one week long! Sooo happy when I think about it. But then, I think I'll be very busy then. Hm..

Anyway, let's together we enjoy the relaxing December ~