A sumptuous meal from lovel thai colleagues

[ 泰国同事煮的美味泰国餐 ]

Our lovely friendly thai colleagues invited us to their house for a sumptuous thai food. Well, of course we are going no matter what, just no matter what at all. It's food man!

Diew & Ning,
Thanks for the lovely and yummy lunch!
Khop Khun Mak Kha!!

Well, luckily we did go, or else we have missed a so delicious meal. They cook superb!!

Tomyam Soup, ingredients include chicken, mushroom, tomatoes, lemon grass, chilly, parsley, and the tomyam paste they brought all the way from Thailand.

(Left) Som-Tam, papaya salad. Ingredients include papaya slices, friend peanuts, tomatoes, and line juices. Taste absolutely great!
(Right) Fried chicken and cashew nuts. Ingredients include chicken, fried cashew nuts, mushroom, and fried chilly. The cashew nuts taste so crunchy. Another superb dish!

Thai style red curry. Ingredient include chicken, lemon grass, chilly, and the curry paste they brought from Thailand. Well, thai curry doesn't really taste spicy, it's rather sweet. Taste great!

Well, of course this is not all we had. After the main course there must be some desserts right? Seeing they are the one who cook all the main course for us, so we decided to brought desserts.

The Black Forest Cake we bought at the cake shop nearby, RS500 (RM50). Hm.. frankly the taste isn't as good as we can get in KL, but compared to others here in India, I guess this is considered very not bad. But there is something about this cake, there isn't blackcurrant inside the cakes! To me it's more like a chocolate cakes, with the outlook alike black forest, hm..

Baskin Robin's chocolate flavor ice cream, RS260 (RM25). Taste good, not too sweet, and it's very chocolaty. Superb!

After the meal, must take a shot of the members in the house! Well, too bad Diew isn't in the picture, he has to take the photo. Sorry Diew~