Restaurant Yu Ai @ Segambut

I usually have some sandwiches, or go canteen for lunch. The most I go nearby area with colleagues. Why? Well, because I don't like to walk under the hot sun, and back with all sweat. But today, my colleagues suggested we go for the very famous seafood noodle in Segambut. Wahaha, ofcourse I say YES!

picture from Internet

Curry Seafood Noodle, RM15
very rich ingredients, very fresh seafood
thick curry soup, rich of pandan

Tomyam Seafood Noodle, RM15
also very rich of seafood
rich tomyam taste, sourly sweet

Let me share you a joke here. I ordered Chrysanthemum Tea for drink the day. But I got really shocked when the drink is here. OMG, the cup is full with over half cup of  Chrysanthemum in it. We were wondering if the boss worry the guest didn't know that they actually make the Chrysanthemum Tea themselves. So they must put a lot of Chrysanthemum into the drink so the guests may see it. Hahaha...

So, I requested the boss to change one for me. And we even laugh at ourselves, next time, we have to order in this way, "A Chrysanthemum Tea without Chrysanthemum!" Hahaha.. Will I get kicked out from the shop then?

the Chrysanthemum Tea with Chrysanthemum 

the Chrysanthemum Tea without Chrysanthemum 

compare yourself the two cups!