Homemade Breakfast @ 20091107

I have a friend who likes to make nutritious breakfast for her husband. Every time when I look at her menu, I just got the urge to get my hands on it too.Well, of course I hope he gets to eat my home made breakfast.

So, last Saturday, I got it came true. Well, there are ingredients in the fridge, and I woke up early too. So, why not? Haha..

homemade sandwiches + hot nescafe
but what do we have in the sandwiches?

fried sunny side egg

fried bacons

fried ham slices

fresh vege

fresh gardenia bread

1. Put on margarine on bread, then put on vege

2. Put on fried ham

3. Follow by fried egg

4. And fried bacons, and some chili sauce.

5. Last but not least, the hot nesface to freshen up the day