Flowers Flowers

[ 路边的野花不要採 ]

What do you do after lunch?

Sit in front of the computer chatting? Surfing? Blogging?
Grovel on the table and take an after-lunch-nap?
Get around with colleagues with some BIG things?

I found a good exercise for our after-lunch-activity now, to walk 2 rounds surround office building. Well, take it as to take a break from heavy workload, or to take in fresh air (hm.. though not fresh at all), or to take some sun bath (hm.. the sun is getting burning nowadays..). Yesterday, we did another thing too.

We found some nice species of flowers around office building, so we grab the camera, and took some photos! Hm.. Don't ask me what species are those... Seriously I do not know..

Oh, not to mentioned, to take photos of these flowers are just not an easy task, we got scolded, by the security guard. Well, we stepped on the grasses to take the beautiful flowers.. Hahaha.. A big sacrifices you know..

Btw, do you know flowers are one of the big helper in Kama Sutra to create an exotic environment?