Sum Yam Gai

[ Sum Yum Gai ]

There is a Chinese Restaurant nearby my hostel in India, named Sum Yum Gai. Hm.. Don't ask me what does it call in Chinese.

Anyway, went for lunch with Doudou, and Ting the other day. Here's what we had.

This photo from 豆记's 印度中餐馆-Sum Yum Gai.

This is the look of the stall, though it may be small, but it serves good food.

You may leave your message here, or to intro other customer the dishes that you like.

Sweet corn vege soup, RS39 (RM3.90). Hm.. I don't like the taste at all.

Chicken Combo Meal, RS139 (RM13.90).
This include fried rice, a spring rolls, and a small bowl of chicken in lemon sauce. Taste fantastic, especially the fried rice.

Chopsuey in American style, RS79 (RM7.90).
Crunchy noodle with sweet and sour sauce, yummy!

P/S: They server real big portion. One plate of meal is just nice for two person.