Eat, Sleep, Gambling ~

[ 睡醒吃,吃完赌,赌完睡 ]

Today is the forth day of Chinese New Year.

Time has been flying so fast. So, I've been back for one week. What have I done for the whole week? The answer is NOTHING, nothing at all, except the first two day for house cleaning. Yeah, I know I'm such a lazy pig..

Was really busy during the holiday. Hm.. The routine has been completely OUT!

Sleep, eat, gambling.. OMG! Day time sleeping, night time gambling.. And that's how I spend my four days.. Such a crazy pig! Haha.. Anyway, I'm enjoying it well..

I believe many of you starting to work tomorrow? Hehe.. DO NOT envy me!! 'Coz I don't have to work tomorrow, YES! Oh well, I took leave actually. So, NO work tomorrow, NO work the day after tomorrow, NO work the day after after after tomorrow.. Just have to go back to office on Wednesday, for some matters.

Well, how did you spend your CNY? No many of you update your blog though?