A blessed dinner

This is my dinner for last Saturday. No, I'm not the cook, but daddy was. =)
Hehe.. It tasted fantastic!

Don't ask me how to cook this dishes, I only know how to eat it. =Þ

Tom Yam Gong.
Very fresh and delicious prawns we got here, freshly fished last Wednesday.
Served with nice rot's skin, fish balls, mushrooms, and some wrapped meat.
Hm.. the soup is a bit too salted, and it's not sour enough. (This is all my fault, I got the lime wrong. So sorry daddy, I spoiled the soup.. =( )

Stir-fried Vege.
Fresh vege (the cai-xin), with crunchy deep-fried onion, which actually idealized the dish.


哈亞斯 said...

wow... you got 2 language blog, that make me have to write the comment in both language too... kidding!

but once again I have to say, please tell your man, I'm proud of him.

阿晶 regine said...

Lol... You can actually choose your preference language for your reading. =)

Anyway, thanks for visiting both. Cheers~

And, now he is really proud of it..