7 days to go

[ 还有7天 ]

Today is Monday. I am leaving in another 6 days time.

Time really flies. It was like I have so much time before. Now, this Sunday is the date.

I have so many things to buy yet, I have so many things to prepare yet.

Although I am leaving for only 2 months, well, it's said that we may have to go again for second trip. But, hell, we are definitely back after 2 months!

Hey, I started to feel the uncertainty, worries, the sadness.. Gosh, I am definitely going to miss everything here. Well, ok, I started to miss it already.

I miss my lovely baby, hm.. Will she ever miss me at all? Will she forgot me later?

And, I miss daddy.. Will he ever miss me at all too? What will happened to us after two months?