The Mc Delivery

Wanted to write about this quite some times ago.

If you remember, I was OT last 2 weeks. My company actually does provide us meal allowance, for those who worked after 2000. So usually we will order delivery like Pizza Hut, Domino's Pizza, McDonald..

The other day, we were OT again. Hungry but there are works to be done, so we decided to order delivery. After some discussion, some "war" to be precise, we finally agreed to order McDonald. So my colleague give them a call. That was 2015. The line was busy, so we tried again till someone finally picked up.

The operator actually told us there are really busy over the counter, nobody is free for the delivery. And, he asked us to call back again at 2100.

My my... What the heck is this. This is really the very first time I ever encountered this kind of situation. The delivery counter tell us that they are so busy serving the customer at counter?

Then, not too long from this incident, I think it happened within one week time. We had to OT again, so, we wanted to order delivery again. This time, McDonald, again. The good news is, yes, we managed to get our order taken. So we waited patiently for our dinner to be delivered.

Half an hour passed, there wasn't any shadow of the great McDelivery man! So we give them a call. And guess what, the operator told us they are very busy at the counter, serving customer there. There wasn't people free for delivery, again. Shit, what kind of service is this? Don't they ever thought of give us a call that they will have to delay our delivery, instead of let us wait here bluntly? Imagine if we never called up, how much longer we have to wait?

I was really surprise that they are so well known of delivery. And yet, they keep promoting their delivery service. But what's the point if they can't serve delivery after all? Shouldn't there be any special department just to serve delivery? If the customers at the counter there never end, so the delivery will be never available huh? What the heck is this?

Do they actually have any specific department to handle delivery? Or the delivery is just a sub to them, that if and only if there are less people at counter, then only they can serve delivery?