"One Day Five Meals"

If you switch on the ASTRO every Sunday, at 2200, you will find the famous DJ/host Ms Angel Wong Chui Ling, hosting a food programme, "One Day Five Meals". I heard about this show quite sometime, been watching the introduction. Finally, I watched it, last Sunday.

The show actually show us how to spend RM50 a day for 5 meals (breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, and supper) around Klang Valley. Well, to me I think RM50 is quite a sum.

Too bad, I missed the front part.

Forgot where is the restaurant or place she had lunch at. It's a place selling Chicken Kuey-Teow Soup, with shrimp wan-ton. She said the kuey-teow is smooth and the soup is tasty, the shrimp wan-ton made from lots of shrimps. And the meal cost RM7.00.
I was like, huh? So expensive?

A dessert shop in Pudu's Food Street. The shop selling many sorts of dessert, in Cantonese we call it "Tong Sui'. She ordered 2, egg tea, and stewed egg. The stewed egg looks tasty. This cost RM1.50 each.

Restaurant PJ Baru, this restaurant serves all sorts of seafood, but what she ordered has nothing to do with seafood.
This time, she had it with Vivian, another famous DJ from MyFM. They ordered 3 dishes, claypot toufu, fried gold-melon, and one more I forgot what's the dish.
Dinner cost RM32, which to my personal opinion, it's really expensive, there isn't any seafood remember, just kind of vege..

A food stall somewhere in PJ SS2. The stall specialized on all sorts of "kuih", mainly Teochew types. Frankly, the kuih looks so yummy, haha. They also sell asam laksa, and fried teow-chew mee.
Not sure the actual location of the stall, but according to her, after you turned into SS2, opposite to Maybank, the stall that most people crowed for is the one.
The kuih price reasonable, RM0.60 per piece.

If you ask me, I will say it's actually nothing much in the show. The food been introduced are quite expensive though. RM50, can actually eat something else much better?