Dream about Mama

[ 梦见妈妈 ]

Can't really sleep well recently, ever since I'm here in India. Probably without his hug at night, or the sense of security been lost, or hm.. it's his smell that i lost?

And it's getting worse this two days, when I'm badly cough. Used to wake up in the middle of the night just to cough.

I thought it was due to the coolness of the room, I didn't on the heater. So, I purposely on the heater before I sleep yesterday. But still, I come awake. And, I even dream about mama. May be I miss her too much now.

It's been a very very long time since my last dream about mama. When I saw her yesterday, I was really happy. Mama never forget about me, she came to me. =)

Mama been so spoiled me all the while. When I was at secondary, we are the two who been left home all the time. Untill I came to KL to further my study only we apart.

Mama caught lots of illness during her young age. Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure.. Almost everything.

Soon later after I grad, mama went to stay with my brother in Singapore. Well, the medical consultation there is much better compared to Malaysia, and they provide better services too. I personally believed it is a good idea for her to stay there, to get better cares.

Unfortunately, she didn't manage to get over it. She gone in April, 2005.

I had never dream about her since she gone, just heard from sister that they dream about her once a while. Then I was thinking, how come mama never come to me? Has she forgotten me? Has she ignored me? I was really upset about it though.

Anyway.. Mama I hope you are well wherever you are. Atleast, you are free of the illness now, don't have to go thru all the suffering stage now. If there is really reincarnation, I hope you already went into it, and starting a new life now. Wherever you are, whatever you are, I do hope you leads a better life.