Office @ India

[ 公司@印度 ]

It's been quite some times I've been here, but it seems like I didn't write any post about this India office. Well, here it is..

The office is at second floor in this building

Once you step into the office, you will see the big sign of Company Name

(Left) The hallway toward the washrooms. Both areas next to the hallway are where our seats are.
(Right) This is my seat, clean and neat, with my 19" flat screen monitor!

(Left) The water filter machine near to the entrance
(Right) The staircase to go upper floor in office. On the left is another office room where on the right is the canteen.

(Left) The beloved canteen, a place where we used to chit chat here too.
(Right) The other side of the canteen, have this big LCD screen hanging on the wall. Well, I think the size is about 47 inches?

(Left) My most favorite in the office, the coffee maker machine!
(Right) This, is the milk coffee coming out from the coffee maker machine. It's unsweetened, just the way I like it.