Where get coffee in India?

[ 咖啡难寻在印度 ]

I believed, those who know me are well aware that I'm a super coffee lovers. If I ever have a choice, coffee is definitely my very first choice! But do you know that it's very difficult to find coffee in India. They have many types of tea here, but not coffee.

Do you ever heard of the brand, Twinings? Famous of their Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Camomile.. One of the tea plantation is here in India, a place near to Himalaya Mountain. I like their tea, especially the Earl Grey, just smells good taste great!

Hm.. ok back to the topic. What I want to say is, people who loves coffee just like me, is difficult to survive in India. Because, you can hardly find the "3 in 1" or "2 in 1" packaging of coffee in supermarkets. But, they do have plenty brands of tea, in any form, available in supermarkets. The only brand I used to see is our famous Nescafe. And, they only sell instant coffee packets, not those "3 in 1" or "2 in 1" type.

The bad news is, I don't like black coffee. I prefer to have it with milk, or coffeemate. So, I have two choices basically,
  • buy milk. I don't quite like the taste of fresh milk here. Also I worry if I cannot finished it, it will be a waste.
  • buy coffeemate. The coffeemate is rather expensive here. Don't want to spend such money here, and I don't have container for this though.
Once, I managed to find this brand of "2 in 1" coffee in a supermarket here, Bru. And, it's the only 1. Quickly, I bought 1 packet and try. Well, luckily i bought small packet, the taste isn't good, far out from my expectation.

So, if you want to have cofffe, you have to bring it all the way from Malaysia. Want to have Ipoh's famous White Coffee? Bring it from Malaysia! Want to have Yik Cheong's famous Kopi-O? Bring it from Malaysia!

Hm, just wondering.. Indian doesn't like coffee at all that's why the sales isn't good here? And, why didn't Nescafe bring in their many types packaging of coffee?