Win Soon Cafe @ Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park

Last Wednesday went to Kuchai Lama for Fish Head Noodle, heard it's very popular for this. Came once last time, but due to it was night time, and the photos taken is not in good quality, so I didn't post it up. But I really like their food, especially the soup. But don't know is it because of the "ajinomoto", felt very thirsty after.

Win Soon Cafe, right next to the Station One at Kuchai Entrepreneurs, and same row with Jo-Jo Pan Mee.

Lemon Tea

Iced Honey Lemon Tea

Salty Lime

Fish Head Noodle, RM7.50
Very rich fish soup, served with 'fried pork'

Fish Paste Noodle, RM7.50
Same fish soup as the Fish Head Noodle, only different is that stuffing is fish paste
Hm, but I still prefer fish head noodle

Mixed Noodle of Fish Head and Fish Paste, RM7.50
Same as well, but its the advantage for those who likes both