Lie To Me

picture from Internet

Was watching a very popular English drama recently, it's called Lie To Me.

The story is about the good research for human body languages, and micro-expression.The main character can determine one's emotion, and if he is lying, by his body languages and his face micro-expression. He did make some good contribution to the local's police investigation.

He said, when one shows his sincere smile, his eye's wrinkle will show it. But if one's showing no wrinkle at his eye, then it's fake.

Also, when one's sad, the end part of his eyebrows area will be drop down. And, when one's showing reluctant, his shoulder will slightly bend over back. Things like that.. I feel really amazing to see this.

Of course, all this small tricks we might be abandoned it at our daily life. But I was thinking, if you could really just see one so clearly by just one look, isn't it a putout? Since you already know what's he going to do next, there will not be any surprise afterall. Well, unless he is so good in telling lies, that you aren't aware at all.

But then, come to think about it. When one is lying, can he be trusted still?