Have you ever wonder that, if one day, when you walk on the street, the passer-by are all AI products. including yourself. In another words, those walking human-being-like creature, are all ROBOTS. What has this world became?

Everything would be the same. We go to work, have nice meal, watch movies, shopping, even having sex! All these activities are done by the surrogates. It's very much like the role-playing games, where we put on a connecting helmet and get our mind into the role, into the surrogate in this case. That way, the surrogate will have your will, and do whatever you wants to do for you. You do not need to worry about ill, about death, about the how ugly you are. Moreover, you do not need to worry about the damages on your body. Because there are always a replacement for you, because everything is going through the surrogate. He/She can be in any form that you would like them to be. Anything at all. Well, looks like everything just so perfect, right?

But, have you ever think of, if everyone in the world no longer use their true faces to meet people, you would not know the truth. What is the real person that at this moment standing in front of you? Tall or short? Fat or slim? The communication among people, is only the brain waves communication through the machines.  Will you not have a feeling that your being cheated, while you are cheating on others?

Plus, when one lost in real touch with others, there will no longer be an intimate relationship. There will be a great wall behind every face.

Will you just not feel pathetic, when you do not know who is this person that standing in front of you at all?

P/S: It's been a long while since I last watch Bruce Willis movie. I've been his fans all the while. Well, atl east he don't simple take in any movie..