Compromise = Pressure

Guy says, do not always wait me at home, do not wait me for dinner, do not always wait me for this and that. I felt like looking after a child. It makes me feel pressured.

Girl's tears like the pouring rain after this.

Girl says, I spare all my time to you, so whenever you wanted to be with me, I can just go to you. Guy are busy, she knew and tried to understand it. She wish to spend more time with him, just like everybody else do, so they can share something together, or do something together. She doesn't mind if has to be with a group of friends together, she just want to be with him. Is this wrong?

Girl says, actually I just hope guy will concern more about me, takes me in his mind. Let me be with him, makes me exist in his life. Most importantly, cares about my feeling.

~~ ** ~~

Not sure what happened, but quite a number of friends got problem in their relationship. Well, in fact, it may happened every day, just that we didn't take note on that. A and B broke up. B and C are now together. C has a third-party hiding behind. Basically, anything could just happened.

I just want to write it down, as a notes. Who knows, you may find your shadow in one of this the stories?