Another year

Another year has just passed, my 33 years old birthday. 33, seems like a very terrified figure. What should a woman at this age posses, that she could call herself no regret?

A friend asked me, what's my feeling for being another year older?

Well, I would answer, I want everything, but i do not own anything at all.  Sigh, what's the meaning of life actually?

Yes, I have my black-horse. But he is loaned, and I'm still paying for the installment.
Yes, I have a considered stabled job. But I'm the only one that could tell if I am happy with it.

Yes, I'm in a relationship now. But who knows when will it get expired? Today, tomorrow, or day after tomorrow?

And yes, I have baby. But baby can company me for say, another 10+ years?

Feeling older and older each and every day now. Physically, and mentality. SIGH..