Let me be willful, just once

People say, SHOPPING is the best therapy for a lady to chase away her unhappiness.

When the bags in your hands gets more and more,  you will find the satisfaction gets bigger and bigger.

But of course, when the bill comes, your heart might just stop beating, for the huge amount showing on the piece of paper. Well, hell the bill.

I just wants to be willful this time, just once. Hahaha...

Kena cucuk petpet

I wrote in my FB, 'Kena Cucuk Pepept..'

Someone said, 'do you enjoyed it'
Someone also said, 'what is petpet'

Someone even said, 'cuck petpet, this words makes people thing of wrong way..'

What do you think, that what I'm talking about?

Am I a Food Blogger?

翼兄 asked if I've changed my blog into food now. 

Well, when I look back to the previous few posts, oh ya, it's all about food! Although you may find some other topic in between, but it's still food food food! Then I look at the renewal date. It's like one or twice a month. Uh, am I became a super lazy pig now?

Refresh my memory, to the time when I started to blog. I was thinking to get a place for me to write something, to share something, something that happened in my life, something that happened around the world. The good, the bad, the ugly, all should leave a footsteps here. After all, it's part of my memory, isn't it. But then, things seems like changed now.

When we started a blog, and it's for public, meaning it's opened, anybody can just come and visit your page. There could be friends, or neighbors, or even families. No privacy, no secret. We can't post something that we don't wish people to know, nor can't write something that shouldn't write.

But when I grow older now, older and older actually. My thinking has changed. Actually, there are some things that we don't want people to know, some things that we don't need people to know, some things that we prefer to keep for ourselves. And there are some things, bad things, which don't want trouble the reader, or affect the readers. This things, are better just keep to own-self, and let the time to heal.

So, what's left other than this? FOOD! Well, this are most welcome though. Everybody like to eat! 

The bad thing is, I'm not good in writing about food, can't describe precisely the feeling and the taste of it. Must pay more effort on this though..

Finnegan’s Irish Pub & Restaurant

Last Friday went Happy Hour with my fellow colleagues. Finally gets to have my strongbow, my new favorite.. Hehe.. Well, I'm not an alcoholic, nor I like beer. I just love the taste of this!

Located at Midvalley Megamall, originated from Ireland. So I can find the British made apple-cider here. Finnegan's is just right next to the old Sans Francisco Restaurant.

Hm, sorry that the photos taken are not in good quality.Was using the old Panasonic Lumix 7. It's been used for a while, think the quality is getting looser now. Besides, the condition is not so good the night, not bright enough though..

Tequila Sunrise (glass), RM19
strong tequila and cranberries taste
hm, do taste a little like the cough medicine..

Mai Tai (glass), RM18
forgot what's the taste
but the owner that ordered this drink been sipping it throughout the night
rarely touch it tough

Hoegaarden (glass), RM17
a very fresh German brewed beer, famous one too

Strongbow (pint), RM31
my beloved apple cider
taste a little sour for first sip, turned sweet after few sips

Long Island Iced Tea, RM22
tea with vodka, strong alcohol taste and bitter too

AK-47 (glass), RM27
this is the most strong taste of alcohol of the night
but it does taste a little sweet though

Pineapple Juice, RM13
fruit juice, can be one of a good choice too

Hearty Broth, RM8
onion soup, taste a bit dull

New Zealand Mussel, RM22
very fresh mussel, served with creamy cheesy soup, bravo!

Seafood Spaghetti, RM25
seafood was very fresh, but the spaghetti just so-so

Fish & Chip Dory, RM18
big portion of fish fillet, fried to crispy
served with tartar sauce just great

Bounty of Sea, RM26
mixed seafood in creamy cheesy soup
strongly recommend this, super bravo!

Grilled Rib Eye Steak, RM32
steak grilled to its well, tenderly soft

BBQ Pork Ribs, RM44
another thumbs-up dish, the ribs are so meaty and tender

Short Beef Ribs, RM35
ribs are braised to its well, taste great to eat with the sauces
smashed potato covered at the bottom taste great too

Finnegan’s Braised Lamb Hock, RM30
 again, the lamb is braised to its well
tenderly soft meat like gonna melt in your mouth

~~ ** ~~

Finnegan’s Irish Pub & Restaurant
Lot G (E)-003, Mid Valley,
The Boulevard, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 KL.
电话号码: 603 – 2284 8157

 ~ Do check out ~
Finnegan’s Irish Pub & Restaurant
Finnegan’s Irish Pub & Restaurant @ Mid Valley

Jo Jo Little Kitchen @ Kuchai Enterpreneus Park

picture from the Internet

It's been a while since we last had Pan Mee. The best Pan Mee that I ever had is at Cheras, near Taman Miharja there. Uh so sorry, don't even know the name of the stall ever I had few times already, really ashamed. But then, I think you all should know which stall I'm talking about here?

Anyway, went to this shop yesterday for a try. This shop is located at Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, Kuchai Lama. It's specialized with assorted Pan Mee, similar to the "Face to Face Pan Mee" shop.

dried chilis
crunchy and spice, taste good with mee

braised pan mee, RM6
the taste is not bad, the soup is hot
but it tasted a bit salty today though

chili pan mee, RM5.50
this is my first time to have chili pan mee, don't quite like it though

herbal soup pan mee, RM7
enriched with herbal taste

soya bean and jelly, RM2.50
hm, just taste normal

~~ ** ~~

Jo Jo Little Kitchen
No 3, Jalan Kuchai Maju 9,
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel #: 603 – 79871090

~ Do check out ~
Jojo Little Kitchen 早早板麵 @ Kuchai Lama
Jojo Little Kitchen @ Kuchai Entrepenuer Park


It's year 2010 this year. And, it's a fateful calendar year for me. Hehe, 20102010, brings me another meaning, a good one I suppose. Not going to do resolution for year 2009. For those already passed, just let it be the past.

Hm, how should I begin..

For those already happened, there is no point to look back for regret, can't do much though. Although it's been said, we should take the past as experience, so we will not make the same mistake again. But frankly, how many of us, can really do this? When the same incident happen for another time, people usually makes the same mistake, again and again. Perhaps, after few times repeated same mistake, one will change, finally.

And for those that should come to you, it will come. Many times, when we actually planned for something, it will eventually turned to failure. One and another unexpected incidents, caused the mission failure. People usually say, the higher the expectation, the higher the disappointment. We should really make the move when it cross through our mind. Do not wait, just do it !

Sometimes, being ah Ah-Q is nothing wrong at all. Haha, it could probably just because I'm such a lazy fello. lazy to think, lazy to imagine, lazy to do anything. I don't like to think about the unhappiness of the past, I don't like to plan for uncertainty, I don't like the unpredictable future to be, I don't like just everything at all. But then, so what?

If we are like the characters in the game, the RPG games. The owner of the character can decide to reset the character's by just one button, then everything start all over again. Sound great huh ? All those unhappiness and sadness will wash away with a bottle of sleeping pills. (Of course, this is such an irresponsible way of saying..)

Whatever.. We should just live today as no tomorrow !

Michaelangelo’s @ Solaris Mont Kiara

The last gathering in year 2009 with my fellow good friends, was held in Solaris, Mont Kiara. Well, there seems to have many good restaurant in Solaris. Should have try it one by one next time!

the famous painting by micharlangelo

oh presents under the white Christmas tree, are you all waiting for me ?

wild mushroom soup
strong wild mushroom taste, creamy and delicious

lamb stew
the meat is well-cooked, so tender that it melt in your mouth
served with mint sauce, taste great

sirloin steak
been cooked too well, although its been told to medium-well

garlic bread
not so heavy garlic smell, taste better with soup

grilled salmon steak
heard it taste so-so, nothing special tohugh

too sweet, does not like it

iced latte
also so-so, prefer the one from Starbucks

P/S: Love the decoration of the restaurant, the service is good too. But the food wise, I personally think they should have put more effort on this. But then, may be it's not the food their main selling point?

~~ ** ~~

Lot J-OC-03 & 04, Soho KL
No. 2 Jalan Solaris
Solaris Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel # : 603-6203 7734
Business Hour:  11am-11pm (Fri & Sat till midnight)

Happy New Year 2010 !

Wishing everybody be healthy, be happy throughout the year 2010 !