Am I a Food Blogger?

翼兄 asked if I've changed my blog into food now. 

Well, when I look back to the previous few posts, oh ya, it's all about food! Although you may find some other topic in between, but it's still food food food! Then I look at the renewal date. It's like one or twice a month. Uh, am I became a super lazy pig now?

Refresh my memory, to the time when I started to blog. I was thinking to get a place for me to write something, to share something, something that happened in my life, something that happened around the world. The good, the bad, the ugly, all should leave a footsteps here. After all, it's part of my memory, isn't it. But then, things seems like changed now.

When we started a blog, and it's for public, meaning it's opened, anybody can just come and visit your page. There could be friends, or neighbors, or even families. No privacy, no secret. We can't post something that we don't wish people to know, nor can't write something that shouldn't write.

But when I grow older now, older and older actually. My thinking has changed. Actually, there are some things that we don't want people to know, some things that we don't need people to know, some things that we prefer to keep for ourselves. And there are some things, bad things, which don't want trouble the reader, or affect the readers. This things, are better just keep to own-self, and let the time to heal.

So, what's left other than this? FOOD! Well, this are most welcome though. Everybody like to eat! 

The bad thing is, I'm not good in writing about food, can't describe precisely the feeling and the taste of it. Must pay more effort on this though..