Finnegan’s Irish Pub & Restaurant

Last Friday went Happy Hour with my fellow colleagues. Finally gets to have my strongbow, my new favorite.. Hehe.. Well, I'm not an alcoholic, nor I like beer. I just love the taste of this!

Located at Midvalley Megamall, originated from Ireland. So I can find the British made apple-cider here. Finnegan's is just right next to the old Sans Francisco Restaurant.

Hm, sorry that the photos taken are not in good quality.Was using the old Panasonic Lumix 7. It's been used for a while, think the quality is getting looser now. Besides, the condition is not so good the night, not bright enough though..

Tequila Sunrise (glass), RM19
strong tequila and cranberries taste
hm, do taste a little like the cough medicine..

Mai Tai (glass), RM18
forgot what's the taste
but the owner that ordered this drink been sipping it throughout the night
rarely touch it tough

Hoegaarden (glass), RM17
a very fresh German brewed beer, famous one too

Strongbow (pint), RM31
my beloved apple cider
taste a little sour for first sip, turned sweet after few sips

Long Island Iced Tea, RM22
tea with vodka, strong alcohol taste and bitter too

AK-47 (glass), RM27
this is the most strong taste of alcohol of the night
but it does taste a little sweet though

Pineapple Juice, RM13
fruit juice, can be one of a good choice too

Hearty Broth, RM8
onion soup, taste a bit dull

New Zealand Mussel, RM22
very fresh mussel, served with creamy cheesy soup, bravo!

Seafood Spaghetti, RM25
seafood was very fresh, but the spaghetti just so-so

Fish & Chip Dory, RM18
big portion of fish fillet, fried to crispy
served with tartar sauce just great

Bounty of Sea, RM26
mixed seafood in creamy cheesy soup
strongly recommend this, super bravo!

Grilled Rib Eye Steak, RM32
steak grilled to its well, tenderly soft

BBQ Pork Ribs, RM44
another thumbs-up dish, the ribs are so meaty and tender

Short Beef Ribs, RM35
ribs are braised to its well, taste great to eat with the sauces
smashed potato covered at the bottom taste great too

Finnegan’s Braised Lamb Hock, RM30
 again, the lamb is braised to its well
tenderly soft meat like gonna melt in your mouth

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Finnegan’s Irish Pub & Restaurant
Lot G (E)-003, Mid Valley,
The Boulevard, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 KL.
电话号码: 603 – 2284 8157

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Finnegan’s Irish Pub & Restaurant
Finnegan’s Irish Pub & Restaurant @ Mid Valley