It's year 2010 this year. And, it's a fateful calendar year for me. Hehe, 20102010, brings me another meaning, a good one I suppose. Not going to do resolution for year 2009. For those already passed, just let it be the past.

Hm, how should I begin..

For those already happened, there is no point to look back for regret, can't do much though. Although it's been said, we should take the past as experience, so we will not make the same mistake again. But frankly, how many of us, can really do this? When the same incident happen for another time, people usually makes the same mistake, again and again. Perhaps, after few times repeated same mistake, one will change, finally.

And for those that should come to you, it will come. Many times, when we actually planned for something, it will eventually turned to failure. One and another unexpected incidents, caused the mission failure. People usually say, the higher the expectation, the higher the disappointment. We should really make the move when it cross through our mind. Do not wait, just do it !

Sometimes, being ah Ah-Q is nothing wrong at all. Haha, it could probably just because I'm such a lazy fello. lazy to think, lazy to imagine, lazy to do anything. I don't like to think about the unhappiness of the past, I don't like to plan for uncertainty, I don't like the unpredictable future to be, I don't like just everything at all. But then, so what?

If we are like the characters in the game, the RPG games. The owner of the character can decide to reset the character's by just one button, then everything start all over again. Sound great huh ? All those unhappiness and sadness will wash away with a bottle of sleeping pills. (Of course, this is such an irresponsible way of saying..)

Whatever.. We should just live today as no tomorrow !