My new hostel in India

[ 印度新宿舍 ]

It's been two weeks ever since we moved in. From "extremely dirty" to "acceptable", we have really spent much effort in it.

Well, at least the location of the new hostel is much convenient. There are few supermarkets nearby, all within walking distance. We wouldn't have to beg people to arrange driver for us next time for any groceries shoppes.

And, well, at least this new hostel has the feel of a HOME. Although it's much smaller than the previous one, but hell, I like the feeling here more.

It's just one problem, a BIG one. There isn't any WASHING MACHINE in the hostel!!! OMG!!! I used to have problem with my hands, well actually my skin. Some kind of allergic decease, am allergic to those chemical products, and dirts. Now I have to wash my clothes all by myself, using my hands! My goodness.. I can't imagine what my hands would be after three months..

Sigh.. Anyway I do not wish to move around again. Just let me spend the coming three months peacefully, and let me go back HOME. That's it!

OK, now it's picture time..


Living Room - TV rack

Living Room - Sofa

Dining Room


Ling's Room

(Left) Ling's bed, and a small cabinet.
(Right) The biggest cabinet in the apartment.

Dou-Dou's Room

(Left) Dou-Dou's Bed, and a piece of drawing on the wall.
(Right) Another corner of the room, where the cabinets are.

Dou-dou's toilet, after being washed thoroughly.

JT's Room

(Left) JT's bed, filled with her stuff. Haha.. She was half way rearranging her stuff the moment photo been taken.
(Right) Opposite to the bed, is the cabinet, and the toilet's room.

(Left) The door to balcony. Well, this is the only room with balcony.
(Right) The toilet, also after being washed thoroughly.

My Room

(Left) My bed. It's actually a combination of two single bed, so basically I can't sleep at the middle, or else I'll get backache the next day.
(Right) The corner where I used to get online. Oh well, the small cabinet is rather too high, I can't really sit there for long hours, or else My shoulders will be very tired, and my back will get ached.

(Left) My toilet, before washed. Gosh, it's really disgusting that I nearly want to vomit the moment I saw it.
(Right) My toilet, after washed. I've spend few hours in it, to brush it with my full efforts. Of course, with the help of the sweet clorox! To my dear clorox, without you I really don't know how to survive..

The view after my window.

This is the home for the poor. Basically they are groups of camps, yes, people do live in there.

Slightly further, there are few three-storey bangalows.

Hm.. The funny thing is you can actually find the poor and the riches, staying next to each others. There isn't something like this particular area is what we called, high standard housing area. Everything just mixed together. You may just find a very beautiful castle right next to a 'balia' dirty camp.