Chicken BKT

[ (鸡)肉骨茶 ]

BKT, aka Bak Kut Teh, is one of the best food in Malaysia. We malaysian, who came so far away to India, always miss our home country food, especially Chinese food. BKT Pack that Ling brought all the way from Malaysia, has really solved our home sick.

Today, we made ourself Chicken BKT. Hm.. It's really hard to get pork meat in India, so we use chicken as alternative. Well, got no other choice.. To be exact, we made Chicken BKT Steamboat, We throw everything inside the soup, which include the assorted vege, dried mushroom, and white mushroom..

The soup cooked by Dou-Dou, to view a more detailed report, you may visit her blog at 豆记自制鸡肉茶. Where other ingredients, are prepared by JT. Haha.. You asks what about me? Well, I'm just sitting here waiting to eat of course!! +D

(Left) White mushroom, one of the specialty here I believed. Taste fantastic.
(Right) Sweet corn, and the hm.. I don't really know what is this called in English, but in Chinese, it's 芫茜. Chinese Parsely perhaps?

(Left) Again, not sure what is this called in English. In Chinese, it's 生菜. Chinese Cabbage perhaps? And, some little corns. The corns taste crunchy, so yummy.
(Right) This is another type of vege, which I also not sure what is this called in English. (My goodness..) In Chinese, this is called, 黄芽白.

The BKT soup. We used 8 pieces of chicken drumsticks for this, and some dried mushroom, and garlics.

Frankly, it doesn't taste like BKT. After all, this is just BKT soup pack, what do we expect too much? Or it could be the reason of I didn't get to taste the first round of the soup. They said the soup after the first round, taste lower. Plus, we put too many 'other' ingredient in the soup.. The taste actually ran..