The FIRST Anti-Pirates Dog Center in the WORLD

[ 大馬將成立全球首個反盜版的警犬單位 ]

Extracted form Sin Chew Jit Poh,

(吉隆坡) 大馬將成立全球首個反盜版的警犬單位,以打擊盜版光碟活動。

以美國為基地的電影協會(Motion Picture Association)的代表表示,它已捐贈兩只拉不拉多太柏迪(Paddy)和曼尼(Manny)給國內貿易及消費部,它們將首次公開露面,他們的任務是用嗅覺偵察CD和DVD。




To me, it seems like a piece of good news.

Although, it's still the matter of the word "NUMBER ONE". Well, at least it proved to the world(malay's world) the ability of doggies.

I really hope that they would change their point of view upon dogs, and started to appreciate them.

And, I really hope they won't use it as a weapon to gain the title, NUMBER ONE, and make them strayed later on.