Let's get online together

[ 大家一起上网咯 ]

Finally, I managed to setup a wireless lan in our apartment 2 days ago.

The apartment we stayed was newly rent, so many facilities isn't ready yet. Already feedback to office, the wireless internet will be ready in about 2 to 3 weeks. So meanwhile,we have to think of something for this.

Long time ago, when I was in Thailand, my friend configured a wireless network for me. I saw him do it, so hopefully with that memory, I managed to configure a wireless network here too. Bless me..

And after two hours, ta-da... It's done! My laptop will be the host, connected to the Internet, and shared it out to the wireless network, where my colleague can just connect to the wireless network, and access to the internet through the connection.

Hehe.. So, we managed to get online together now~

My home in India

[ 印度的家 ]

This is my so-called home in India..

The very simple living room, with the new sofa.
Open the glass door, you will get to the balcony.
But we never open the door, they having some construction site down there, and the dust.. yacks..

The dining area.
A round table with four chair, just nice for us four ladies.

Our dinner of the day. Baked bean with chicken, and stir fried broccolis.

My room, a queen size bed and wardrobe.

Bathroom, hm.. Frankly the bathroom not very clean, just acceptable..

Sixth day in India

[ 在印度的第六天 ]

Time been flying very soon.. Today marked the Sixth day in India for me.

It has been a real suffering, however I managed to get over it. Those happy and unhappy, complaints, communication problems and etc.. need to adopt it in the end. Hm.. This is the only way to get rid of it, otherwise how am I going to live my days here?

The only thing is, I am sick, on the third day here. First, my throat wasn't feel well, like people going to get sick, on the determination stage, where it's either you gonna get flu, or sore throat. Then, caught flu the next day when I wake up in the morning. Next, was coughing the day after. =(

It's probably due to the environment problems, and the weather. The dust, the cold, plus the other day was waiting for the driver outside office. Stand there for about 20 minutes, having the cold air.. Gosh.. It's really cold you know, I was shivering then. But I think the most reason is because myself, too weak..

Suffer.. Felt really itchy on my throat, wanted to scratch it so badly. Sigh.. Do I dare to go for doctor? Frankly, if it's not a must, I definitely won't! But I am coughing, can I recovered without any medicine at all? Can anybody teach me how to?