Penang Again at September, 2009

It's been said many many times that we want to go for another food trip in Penang, but every time is to no avail. Last month, we supposed to get our foot on the island, but in the end the trip was canceled. This month, we finally able to make! Hahaha.. Well, his father kena 4D, so invited us there FOC! This Hari Raya, is the weekend that we are off to the North!

Well, obviously we have got the wrong date. We really shouldn't get out of town during Public Holiday. Imagine this, those going outstation to visit relatives or travels, those balik-kampung. Gosh, we actually got stuck in the traffic for four hours!  My leg was almost crapped. Sigh, the police traffic even allow us to use the emergency lane, but it seems like doesn't really make a different though.

So, next time, do stay at home. Do not go anywhere, especially driving outstation. It's really killing..

See.. How horrible was that..

After dinner at Taiping, and eventually took some rest, we continue our journey. The traffic seems much better at night. Finally we reached the apartment, before 12 midnight, haha. Checked-in to the apartment, shifted our bags there. Off we go for supper!

But then, its a total disappointment. The night's supper was terribly bad. I thought whatever food we can get in Penang, no matter where it is, should taste great. But then I was wrong, so wrong. We end up just simply eat something to fill the stomach.

The following two days, has got no plan at all, we just go wherever we thought of to. And there was nothing special too, just eat, walk, sleep, take photos. Food that we tried, were those Penang famous, that we can get in KL. Just, at here, it taste so much better.

Carnation Bah Kut Teh & Seafood

Check out the white hair uncle in the photo located in the middle of the restaurant's signboard
The famous HK food hostess, Tchai-Lan

Bah Kut Teh
This included 3 types of meat in the pot
Soup was a bit dull, doesn't smell so strong 

So-so, nothing really special about it
(They do not server bean-curd, so we ordered this)

The Big Bone
Strongly recommended by Tchai-Lan, the house's dish
Smooth silky meat on the bone taste real good!

Road side stalls at Macalister Road

Macalister Road is the name of a alleylocated at heart of the Penang town, near to Sunway Hotel. Along the alley, are where the food stalls parked. At night, this alley will be very crowded with people. And, it's really difficult to find a seat, 'coz all are full. So, once you aimed one, you must faster walk over and just stand there til the customer left. Haha..

So-so, not too sweet, taste rich though

Penang Poh-Piah
Not bad, thought the wrapper a bit thick

Kuey-Teow Soup
So-so, but the pork meatballs taste great

Penang Curry Mee
Tasteless, oily, not god

Fried Oyster
The oyster are big and fresh, taste good!
But still a bit oily

As you can see, there are people walking around the alley, just so crowded

This is the stall that I bought fried oyster
Look at the lady in oragnge t-shirt, she is the one who cook for us. So young, right?

~~ ** ~~

Besides food, we do walk around the island, though not many.

The logo of G Hotel,with songkok

On the way to the hawkers center, we saw this snail trying very hard to 'walk' over to another stone chair

The golden motorcycle, just so classic!

Kelong on the sea

Chinese Temple

Penang Bridge

The city across the river

This taken on the way back, on the Penang bridge

Lots of ferries parked at the port

The sky of Penang. Don't know when will be the next time we are here? Hm..