Mizi @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Mr Fox is coming from Kuantan again. To avoid his mumbling, that I always let him UFO, last Saturday night  finally went dinner with him. So as one of hims friend were joining us too. Hehe.. I didn't let you 747 nor UFO this time right?

Located at Bandar Puteri Puchong, this famous steamboat restaurant, is the place we are heading to. I tried this before, about two or three years back. Now that I come back again, still feel good about this restaurant!

Main Entrance of Mizi

It's been two three years long, the forgetful me already forgot where is the exact location of the restaurant. We end up driving around, then we found so we actually just passed it by at that corner. Sigh.. Think I'm getting older and older..

Entrance at 2nd Floor

There are lots of holes on the table

But what is it used for?

It's for you to put in your pot
Just put the pot in it, and on the stove, as convenient as that
And it's really hygiene too, everybody get their own pot

Ingredients for ABD Soup
(Tomatoes, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Onion) 
Add this in to increase the favor of your soup, the original soup was rather too pale

Ingredients for Korean Kim-Chi Soup
The Kim-Chi is rather spicy, and the soup became spicy too, which really increase your appetite

The basic ingredient of Mizi's
 (Fresh Vege, Fish Balls, Carrots, Japenese Toufu, Egg, Fried Fu-Jok, Fried Dried Toufu, etc)

The Main Course
(Left to right: Lamb, Beef, Pork)
Ofcourse there are others, but we only ordered this 3 types

Pork Slices
Just put the pork slices into the hot pot for few flips, it's ready to server, and it tasted terrific!

Beef Slices
This tasted great too, just make it the same way as the pork slices

Never overcook it, else you are going to spoiled it

House-made Special Sauce
 Inside are peanuts, green onion, etc (I only managed to recognize this two..)

On the left is something like Sambal Sauce
On the right is the normal Chili's Sauce

The table full of variety of ingredients, and guess what, this is only for 1 person! (which is mine)

Mango + Orange Juice
Not bad though, a bit sourish

Forgot whats the taste..
So Mr Fox, why don't you comment this yourself?