Another 10 days!

Let the count down started!!

So, finally I came to this moment.
Just 10 days more..
Another 10 days, I can make my step on Malaysia land.
Another 10 days, I can hug my lovely baby and my lovely daddy.
Another 10 days, I can eat all I can!!


20080503, I've learnt something

This week, I've learn something.

The phone charger for NOKIA has legs.. It will walk itself, and dissapear to nowhere.

Not onli little doggie will run away from home, a phone charger will do so too.. Especially the name brand of NOKIA.

A Stamp specialized for U

Would like share something really interesting with you all.

If you ever noticed that I'm using a stamp for my blog. Although its in Chinese, but I like it very much.

Where did I find the idea of the stamp? Well, do check this site out, 制作个人特色的印章@无人角落.

So, found yourself a stamp especially for your own self.. Isn't it be just wonderful?

Such a lousy Labour Day

Do you ever know today is Labour Day?
Do you know that we, as a labor, do not need to work on Labour Day??
Do you ever realize that we all, are a labour?
Do you really know what does labor mean??

A labour doens't represents those who has to work really hard at the construction site.
A labour can be an employee who works to earn!
A labour can be a boss who also works to earn!

May I ask, why do you think you are not a labour?
As long as you work, as long as you pay effort to earn money, even though you are the big boss, you are a labour!!
Do not tell me that you are not a LABOUR!
I don't give a damn about this at all!!

I am glad to admit that I am a labour!
So now please, give me my Labour Day break!!

There isn't some thing called Labour Day in India.
According to them, they are not a labor, so they do not celebrate Labour Day.
*What the hell....*