Such a lousy Labour Day

Do you ever know today is Labour Day?
Do you know that we, as a labor, do not need to work on Labour Day??
Do you ever realize that we all, are a labour?
Do you really know what does labor mean??

A labour doens't represents those who has to work really hard at the construction site.
A labour can be an employee who works to earn!
A labour can be a boss who also works to earn!

May I ask, why do you think you are not a labour?
As long as you work, as long as you pay effort to earn money, even though you are the big boss, you are a labour!!
Do not tell me that you are not a LABOUR!
I don't give a damn about this at all!!

I am glad to admit that I am a labour!
So now please, give me my Labour Day break!!

There isn't some thing called Labour Day in India.
According to them, they are not a labor, so they do not celebrate Labour Day.
*What the hell....*