Who killed my sense of art?!

[ 艺术细胞死光光 ]

So.. Now I find I actually don't have any sense of artistic. Why? Let's see..

I viewed a friend's friend's photo album just now. Same location, why the photos I took are so much different from what he took? My oh my... I am such a failure!!

I really feel so amazed to see his photos, just so beautiful. The way to present the scenes, and the expression from the photos.. It's like he managed to catch the exact feel of it.

And, if you look at my photos, I feel ashamed. Those can all be throw into the recycle bin.

It's so impossible, and unbelievable.. My brother is a graduate from Master of Arts, and he is now pursuing his doctoriate in a University. And, he used to be an Arts teacher at a Public High School in Singapore. So, no doubt that he has a great sense of arts. But, what happened to me? Was it the DNS evolution back then when I born?

Pity me.. So I must pay more effort to improve my photography skill, to improve my sense of arts!! So, GAN BA TEH!!

P/S: Below are the URL of his, and my photo album. You may a view and compare yourself.