It's definitely not HAMSAP that I get 'eye pimple'..

[ 长针眼绝对不是咸湿 ]

When I wake up this morning, felt my eye was bit weird, and it's somehow little pain too. So, I use my hand to touch it, trying to see what happened.. Uh, it's like my eye is swallen? Hm.. May be I didn't get enough sleep, it will be gone soon..

Then, when it came to afternoon, it's getting more weird. So I asked 阿豆 if my eye being swallen? She said, "Yes la, your eye got the eye pimple!!".

OMG.. Why now? Why here? How am I suppose to 'see' people in this situation?

Hm.. I must have been too tired.. No, it's not because I watched too many movies, nor it's not because I peaked on people!!! I DIDN'T!!!!! I'm a very nice lady OK?!

It must have been my works, over exhausted at work.. And, I'm lack of nutrient (the food here all curry, curry and curry..)

Here are some possible solution I googled from the Internet, source from WikiAnswers..
  • The best you can do is to wash the area around the eyes three or four times a times a day using a good soap.
  • Then dry with a known clean towel, and keep the area [and pimple] clean and dry until it goes away, which it should.
  • If you keep it clean and dry your body's defensive systems should eventually absorb and eliminate it. The key is clean and dry to prevent a secondary infection.
  • In the event it does not clear up within a couple of weeks, OR IF it becomes infected, or it gets worse, have it checked by a doctor.