First weekend in India

[ 在印度的第一个周末 ]

, I had to work, had to attend a training in office, the IBM RSA. Hm.. One word to describe my feeling, BORE...

The class started from 1100, to 1700. It should teach us on the tool of IBM RSA. But they were talking about Eclipse the whole morning. (RSA build on Eclipse) Then, after 2 hours break, they started on the UML methodology.. Only about 2 hours before end of the day, they talk on the tool itself. Well, it is expected that the training on the tool itself was really rush. What do you expect? It should be more than 4 hours course, became just two hours..

And, I found something. They like to talk much, I mean the Indian. It's probably because they think to speak out is the way to express they know something? I really wonder. All I can think about is, do you really know what you are talking about?

p/s: While I'm boring studying in the class, my lovely housemates went for groceries shop!!! =(

~~ ** ~~

Sunday, there was nothing much on Sunday. Initially we planned to go out with the Thai colleagues for a walk in the mall. But, we were just too tired and lazy to get out. So, end up whole day sitting in the living watch movies, the movie we brought from KL. Non-stop, one episode follow another. Well, to be precise, my butt never leave the sofa, except for ladies, and lunch and dinner. =D