The Incredible India

Been FFK for few times.
From India to New York, and from New York back to India again.
Everything said "Will confirm next week."
Next week, and next week, and next week.
This time, it's been confirmed.

2nd of December, I will be on my way to a small town in India.
If, and only if no accident, and the flight is ok.
Know what my manager said? "If there isn't earth quake in India, then your trip is confirmed."

Don't ask me where is the place.
I don't even know how to pronounce it, for god sake.

Been heard a lot of stories about India, most of it are not good news, gosh..
Say we can't drink the water from the paip.
Say there are very dusty, go out with white shirt, back with black shirt.
Say the food, either canned food or fresh food, taste funny, different from what we used to take here.
Say even the air also filled with their smell, if you know what I'm saying.
Say they just simply have their 'businesses' at the roadside.
Say they even make-out at the roadside.
And, many more..

Gosh, bit worry on this..
But just got no choices, it's work we are talking about here.

No work, no income.
No income, no money...
Money is still the big issue here.. hehe..

Here I come, the incredible India~