Bakerzin, Bangsar Village

Went to Bakerzin, Bangsar Village with JD and MY, for my birthday celebration.
Too bad.. Kathy isn't around. =(
Anyway, many thanks to JD! And many thanks to MY!

This is the main entrance of Bakerzin.
You can see the two ladies busy selecting their choices of cakes!
I personally like the way they display the cakes. The cake been cut into a standard piece, placed flatly on the counter. This way, customer may view the cakes easily.

This is the Beef Lasagna I ordered.
Very cheesy, and lots of mushrooms in it. Taste good, but the portion too big for one.

This is the Seafood Pizza MY ordered. Cheesy too, big portion too, good for two.

This is the Fish Fillet JD ordered.
Crunchy fillet, with tar-tar sauce, just nice. But the fillet was a little over fried.

(Left) Lemongrass Tea MY and I ordered. Taste more like plain water.
(Right) Camamel Tea JD ordered. Taste so-so.

(Left) Sumatra Cakes. Chocolate + Vanilla + Coffee topping. Taste not bad, but a little too sweet.
(Right) Walnut Cheesecake. Smooth and creamy, smell good with walnut. Just fantastic.

We stepped in at about 1130, and left 1530. Haha.. women..

Been chit-chat around, talk about our recent life, talk about our works.. Just anything at all. Well, this is one of the few times that we get together every year, definitely we talk non-stop like those aunties in the pasar, my goodness. I guess the next time will be during CNY? Such a long time to go..

Sorry JD that I can't make it to your birthday celebration next month, also your wedding in December. I am really sorry about that, hope you won't angry of me. =(

And, Kathy.. Sorry that I can't celebrate with you on your birthday next month too. Will replace it when you are back in KL kay? =)