Dreamz Bakery @ The Strand

(Left Up) Tiramisu
(Right Up) Hazel Nut
(Left Down) Rum n raisin
(Right Down) Dark Choco

I have always been obsessed with mille-crepe. I still remember the day when a friend brought me a piece from the famous Malacca cafe (oops I forgot the name, never been there though), I was just fall at first bite. Alright it actually created a very strong urge in me to crave for it later. And now, whenever I heard of mille-crepe, it will definitely be listed into my must-try list, automatically. Haha..

So, here is this restaurant/cafe in The Strand, Kota Damansara, which is selling this mille-crepe with different sort of flavors. It's actually located at upper floor of a shop, and its been decorated very nicely and warm. Oh and they do serve meals too, not just cakes. It's a very good place for your bunch of friends to gather, or for a family to relax there. 

Anyway, so the other day I was feeling so crave for cakes, and couldn't wait more, then I went there to have my cakes take-away. Bought 4 flavors, and all 4 of them are just so yummy!

Well, my very strong recommendation is the Tiramisu, and Rum n raisin ! If you like mille-crepe too, go to their shop and pampered yourself with one ! Of, of course you may have more than that ~

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