2012 June Lunchbox Week 3

My new company is having a quite special benefits for its staff, which they provide breakfast and lunch.

Being worked here for nearly 2 months time, I would like to post on the lunch that I had everyday here, just to keep a memory of how sweet my company is. Sorry that I'm not able to capture photo of the breakfast they provided, mostly I don't get to eat them. Why? I'm not fast enough, that's why...

OK, back to the lunch. Some of you may say it looks really delicious and tempting. Well, let me tell you honestly, its all the photo effects. It actually doesn't taste as good as it may look like. Forgive me that I'm not going to describe the taste of the food in these posts. For good or bad, I will still have to eat, and it's not my business to decide what to eat/ not to eat. Well, probably I can still decide what to take among the choices we have, or go out of office to get my own lunch somewhere else.

Anyway, let's take a look for my June week 3 lunchboxes. 

- Grilled Fish
- Tomyam Chicken Soup

- Fried Chili Chicken
- Fried Fish Ball
- Pickled Vege

- Assam Fish
- Black Pepper Chicken
- Fried Toufu

- Rendang Chicken
- Sweet N Sour Fish
- Fried Long Bean
- Watermelon

- Fried Chicken Chop
- Mashed Potatoes
- Coleslaw
- Fried Rice

If you do keep your visit back in few weeks time, I bet you will find the same dishes came out every now and then...