New Boston Restaurant @ Klang

This restaurant has always in my top favorite list! Superb food, and the price is rather cheap! In Cantonese, they say 'PENG, LENG, JENG' !!

Love their food, and Hate to wait!! Well, although the conflicting feeling is really killing... But the Love always win the war. Hahaha... Well, sometimes it's not the matter of the duration you have to wait, but it's the satisfaction after!

Below is my must-have list, let's check it out ~

Steamed Lala Soup, RM22
Hot and spicy refreshing soup with lots of gingers and chilipadi
Big and super fresh lala that's going to satisfy your graving

Deep Fried Nestum Mantis Prawn, RM15
Crunchy salty nestum flakes, good to serve with rice

Pork Ribs King, RM15
Juicy and tender meats in dark and thick soya sauce makes you ask for another after one

Fried Hokkien Mee, RM7
The best i ever tried around KL area, despite the one Petaling Street I had years ago 
(not sure if its still nice as it used to be thought? )

Fried Hokkien Meehoon, RM7
I didn't really like fried hokkien meehoon, so I didn't try this dish.
However, from the comments who had it, it's also best ever around KL