A Present

photo taken from the Internet

A woman bring her man to a branded outlet, wanted to buy a wallet for her man, as his valentine's present.

They heart a design, which comes in 2 colors, dark blue and dark brown. Woman likes the dark brown's, whereas the man likes the dark blue's.

Woman told her man, "If I'm the one who buy you this presents, I will take the dark brown's."

And there they go, they took the dark brown's.

~~ ** ~~

What does it mean by present anyway? It's something that we give to people that is based on our preference, or something that we give to people based on his/her preference?

To me, I think that since this thing will belongs to the person, sure I will pick something that the receiver would be happy to have. His/her preference will be the issue I will consider. Else, what's the point of giving someone something that he/she not going to use or do not like?

Moreover, both of the party went to shop for the present together, and the receiver already told his opinion. Shouldn't we just accept the receiver's opinion? What's the point of choosing the present together then? Is it still consider 'choosing the present together" ?

Seriously, what's the point of buying something that costs a sum but the person who is going to get it doesn't like it anyway?